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God Is Not An Economist

​I’m an economist by training. You may have heard of the term, but may not know exactly what an economist does.  “An economist is an expert who studies the relationship between a society’s resources and its production or output. The societies studied may range from the smallest of local communities to an entire nation or even the global economy.” (Investopedia.com)

One of the funniest definitions of an economist I’ve ever come across was posted on a calendar in a place I worked. It said, “An economist is someone who tells you today, why what they said was going to happen yesterday…didn’t happen.”

Economist advise the public often times when to buy and sell. When things are looking good for the economy they tell us the time is now to buy.  However, as soon as there is a hint of trouble in the market, they tell us to run, sell, get out of the market.  You’ll be amazed at how frequently the market shifts (even several times a day).

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