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Connecting the hearts of people,
to the heart of God.

Join us on Sundays at 11:30 am EST
Live on YouTube.

Grab a cup of coffee/tea, your Bible, a pen, and paper.

We want to give you a virtual hug!
So be sure to say hello in the comments.

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Come Experience Church
Where Friends Become Family

We are a vibrant, energized community of people from all walks of life.  Each of us is on a journey to discover and experience the fullness of God’s love. Our worship gatherings are casual, inviting, intimate, and personal. Our messages are "right on time", and filled with the truth and wisdom of God's Word.
We invite you to come and experience church!



Samuel & Ebonie M. Mukasa

Our lead pastors’ hearts are to create encounters for people to experience the fullness of Christ’s love. They believe in going where the people are and taking the good news of Jesus Christ into the world around us. Their love for people and the community around them translates into worship gatherings, conferences, workshops, talks, community worship experiences and outreach initiatives that reach those in need of God’s love, hope and help.

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The prayer of faith, hope and love. Bles


Our core values are who we are. They are not just what we do—they are part of our DNA. These values are non-negotiable for us.


We believe that the purpose of worship is to edify and build up the body of Christ by creating an atmosphere for the anointing of God to flow. Passionate, exhilarating, and intimate is the worship experience we strive for every time we gather.


We strive to grow, develop and mature in our faith. There is a strategy to living a blessed life. We teach the solutions provided for us in scripture, that will help us withstand life's pressures, uncertainties, challenges and difficulties.


We believe that establishing and maintaining strong relationships with other believers is essential for our personal growth and health.  These relationships help reinforce our commitment to each other and to Christ.


We serve each other and the community at large.  Serving in a spirit of excellence helps us develop the unique gifts and talents God has so generously given to each of us.


We believe in going where the people are. We take the message of God's unfailing love into uncommon spaces and places.


We believe in sharing our gifts and talents. We give our time and resources to support and build up the Kingdom of God.


We accept and are thankful for those that God has placed in our lives to teach, mentor and encourage us.  We submit to leadership and spiritual authority with a joyful heart.


Our Connects are for you to grow in relationship with Jesus
and in community with others.


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