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Welcome to Adoration Gatherings (AG). We are the women's ministry of Experience Church International. We invite you to connect with us!


We look forward to becoming friends who are family. God has created us all so uniquely and we love that about our community. Every single one of us are immensely valued by God. We are His beloved daughters!

AG has a two-fold purpose. It serves as a tool to equip, encourage and empower the women who call ECI home and it is an evangelistic outreach that shares the gospel with women around the world.

Our mission is simple. We plan and organize “gatherings” that bring women together to worship and learn of God’s great love for them. In doing so, our greatest desire is to connect the hearts of women around the world to the heart of God.

Gather with us!

Women of War Virtual Prayer Gatherings

It doesn't have to be a special occasion that calls us to prayer. Jesus invites us to pray at all times. Engaging our relationship with Him through heartfelt words, expressions of adoration and honor, and entering into God's presence in worship.

And when we do have needs, He urges us to freely come to Him and lay down our cares and concerns. Experience Church International's Women's Ministry, Adoration Gatherings hosts these prayer gatherings. All, both men and women are welcome to attend and participate.


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Socialize with us!

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