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Our passion is prayer! Why? Because prayer is a direct line of communication to the our Heavenly Father who sees all, knows all and has all authority and power to rescue, protect, provide, resource, remedy and save us! 

One of the most undervalued and neglected weapons God has given us is PRAYER. We BELIEVE in and are WITNESSES to the POWER of PRAYER.

The mission of this movement is to build a formidable global prayer outreach that will reach deep into our communities to encourage, inspire, heal, protect and that gives hope.



Connect with us!

8:30 PM EST
A CASE FOR PRAYER with Pastor Samuel Mukasa Sr.

There's a sentiment in the world, that has even found room in the church that prayer is passive and inert. This is not true. When we pray, we have the ear of the KING of Kings and the LORD of lords! The great I AM. The one and only true and sovereign God.


More so, it is not a one way conversation. The Lord responds with answers, insights, wisdom and even direction. We receive an out pour of His peace and grace. We can move forward in life with the confidence that we know and are known by our Heavenly Father intimately.

Prayer is the most POWERFUL tool we have. There is no passivity in prayer!


Wednesdays are POWERFUL here at Experience Church.

Prayer & Fasting
Every Wednesday our community prays and fasts (optional). We fast from sun up to sundown.


Types of Fasts (Optional*)
Liquid Fast - Give up Solid Foods
Daniel Fast – Whole Grains, Fruits and Vegetables Only
One Meal A Day Fast - Fast with us over one
Create your own fast.

*Please remember that every person is different and you should only choose what is a healthy and safe choice for you. If you have underlying health concerns we strongly suggest consulting your physician before fasting. 

Communal Prayer
We currently are gathering for COMMUNAL PRAYER in our PrayUp Movement group on Facebook at 8:30pm EST. This is a private group that gives you the freedom and privacy to pray and share.

How can we pray for you?

Thank you for sharing!

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