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"An integral part of WHO WE ARE is our passion to take the message of God’s love out into the world. We do this by creating, EXPERIENCES for people to encounter His love."
~ Pastor Samuel Mukasa, Sr.

We fulfill our mission by offering as many people as possible the opportunity to experience God's love for them. This purpose drives us outside the walls of buildings and into our community.

Check back often for our Worship Experiences and Gatherings.



Due to the increasing concerns surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, and our concerns for the health and well-being of our church family; we are proactively participating in our federal and local governments efforts to reduce the spread of the virus through social distancing. 

Therefore, we have decided to NOT host our in-home Sunday gatherings until such time we determine it is safe to do so. Our faith in God’s good care of us all is not shaken. We stand with you on His promises for healing, health and wellness for ourselves, our families and our local and global community. Stay in prayer and faith!

Stay engaged through our online ministry efforts!

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