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This year’s divine commission is to ADVANCE! “For by you I can run against a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall.” - Psalm 18:29

2020 challenged us like never before. We are living in the middle of a world-wide pandemic that has shifted the way we live, work, engage and in many instances, how we worship. Yet, by the grace of God, we have become innovative, creative and flexible. New skills and ideas emerged that have helped us sustain and survive.

2021 is coming! It is time to go forward full of faith and in the power of God’s Word.



Ebonie M. Mukasa

Samuel Mukasa

DeLonda Adams

Eunise Chery, CCLC

Your Host
Co-Lead Pastor, Experience
Church International

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Lead Pastor
Experience Church International

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Minister & Prophetess
DeLonda Adams

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Certified Christian
Life Coach & Speaker

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Mairlyn Lightbourn-Oshodi, MSW, ACSW

CEO, Institute of Wholistic Empowerment, Inc.

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Marline Paul, M. Div.

Founder, Rose of Alpha Omega, Inc.

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Sister, Speak Life! 

Kathy McClary

Singer-songwriter, Producer, Author and Speaker

Pamela Thomas

Senior Consultant at Firm Foundation Grant Writing and Best Practices

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Ethel Belair

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Pre-Event Fun




Plan Talk


Plan Workshop




Prayer Talk


Prayer Workshop


Pursue Talk


Vision Board Breakout


Hangout | Network



Advance in Planning

 Talk #1 

Lead by Ebonie M. Mukasa

2021 may look uncertain, but we must ADVANCE. God is there, in the beginning, middle and end of 2021. We've got callings to answer, and assignments to complete.  Let's talk about  how  to create faith-filled plans in the middle of chaos.

 Workshop #1 

Lead by Ebonie M. Mukasa

Get the practical tools you need to plan strategically and how to accomplish your goals.

Advance in Prayer

 Talk #2 

Lead by Eunise Chery

Strategic prayer is needed to ADVANCE in the face of resistance. Let's talk about the powerful role prayer plays when we are pushing to achieve all that God has called us to do.

 Workshop #2 

Lead by DeLonda Adams

Prayer is a dialogue between you and God. We receive rest and reassurance when we stand on the Word of God in prayer. Learn how to pray in faith and rest in God's promises.

Advance in Pursuit

 Talk #3 

Lead by Marline Paul

Pursuing your vision is going to take faith. What is your hearts desire? Clarifying your vision is paramount to actually obtaining it. Let's talk about vision board concepts, ideas, process and execution.

 Vision  Board Breakout 

Moderated by Speakers

Spend sometime in this breakout session, and begin working on  your vision board. Moderators will be available to answer questions and offer assistance. Use this opportunity to apply what you've learned in the talks and workshops.


Join us and put your Love into Action by helping us provide lunch bags, clothing and self-care kits to those who are homeless, displaced or in transition. There are many in our community who 

find self-care to be a daily challenge. As we go about our days, we all have seen someone in need of care. You, our church family and friends have committed to stopping and helping.


Through our SeeStopLove Outreach Ministry we show them what God's love looks like, by offering them the help they need. Our goal is to serve 600 people in 2021. We will be designating 20% of the proceeds from this event to support this effort. Help us, help them.


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Community is everything and now you are apart of ours. Stay connected and learn about all the new and exciting things to come!


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